Professor Moriarty

My idea of a villain is something like the Joker from Batman,Slade from Teen Titans,Doctor Octopus from Spiderman and Dooms Day from Superman. They should be evil looking or have a lot of evil gadget like Doctor Octopus ,he have four legs behind him,or have super strength like Dooms Day.He have got a inhuman strength which almost killed Superman.

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Professor Moriarty  is a murderer,clean-shaven, pale ascetic looking and phenomenal in mathematic skill in The Final Problem.He is also a criminal master-mind .He orders people to stole the Mona lisa’s painting and sell it, but Sherlock Holmes stop him from selling it.

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In the Reichenbach Falls (TV series) ,Professor Moriarty is also a criminal master-mind .He also orders his underlings to kills other people .He forced Holmes to jump down of a building , if he doesn’t,Moriarty will order his underlings to kill Dr. Watson and Mrs hudson.

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Professor Moriarty is a evil genius man.He is so clever that he can hack the bank, prison and the museum using one computer code.He can also forced Sherlock Holmes to commit suicide.He is also a weird man like Sherlock Holmes.He always wants to play with a genius and though all the people around him were too normal.

I think he is a very weird, genius, and evil person.


The Final Problem (1985 US TV series) and The Final Problem (Arthur Conan Doyle’s text)

6a010535ce1cf6970c019b0207407c970bdownload (1)I didn’t know much about The Final Problem (Arthur Conan Doyle’s text) because I can’t understand the story much.The movie was boring because their conversation was boring. Professor Moriarty stole the painting (Mona lisa ) and want to sell it to a rich guy ,but Holmes quickly stole the painting back and make him annoyed .

My Thoughts on The Final Problem….

My problem and his problem (Sherlock Holmes)are totally different because mine is not involving murderer and Sherlock Holmes’s problem is solving murderer mystery and crime cases. My problem is just about anime, money and my internet speed ,but his problems were Professor  Moriarty ,Dr. Watson etc.So ,our problem are totally different .

What are the difference between the TV series (study in pink) and the story (study in scarlet)?

I don’t know much about the story because it is to hard for me to understand . The movie was interesting and the Sherlock’s character is also interesting . I think the director of ‘Study In Pink’ change the story line and make it more modern because maybe he tough that the ‘Study In Scarlet’ is too boring .

Sherlock Holmes vs Detective Conan

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I think Sherlock Holmes has a good murderer mystery story because I like the way he solves thinks . He used reason and deduction from minute clues to solve the puzzles with which he was faced. It has all the elements of a murderer mystery . I think Detective Conan is better because it is more interesting then Sherlock Holmes , like the way Conan solves mystery .

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were very close friends and they solve many cases together.At first,Sherlock Holmes met Dr.Watson in the chemistry and Sherlock Holmes use his reasoning to guess where Dr.Watson was before he come to London.After that , they help the police to solves lots of mystery together.